The Sports & Recreation facility industry is facing some stiff challenges from several fronts.  

Strong competition from alternatives like gyms and fitness centres, as well as trends toward outdoor pursuits like bicycling, walking and running, are driving revenues down and threatening the future of some indoor facility business.  

Furthermore, operators also have to face high maintenance costs to keep their operations running.

On a positive note, Sports Australia has already acknowledged the importance of growing healthier school children through sport and other physical pursuits.  

Groups working to promote sport at the grassroots level are also saying that early age junior sports is booming in games such as Australian rules, cricket, football, netball, aquatic centres and basketball.    

Operators who diversify their facility offerings have a far better chance to survive tough times until the industry picks itself up again.

In the Sport & Recreation facility industry, renovation and construction may be too expensive for operators.  

That is why many of them are turning to simple, adaptable solutions using portable dividers and partitions for sporting facilities instead.    

Multiple uses can optimise revenue

Multi-use spaces will optimise sports facilities revenue potential.  

The ability to offer a venue for multiple activities will draw more people to a facility, thereby increasing its revenue.  

Multi-use areas will also promote the more efficient use of other resources like electricity and water.

  • Repurpose your facility for more sport offerings
  • Evaluating the internal and external spaces will help operators work out what they already have and what else they can offer at the facility.

    The walls and floors of the facility must be strong enough to withstand the new sporting activity.   The interiors must also be sufficiently large to accommodate different activities at the same time.

    Rescheduling activities allows operators to accommodate more groups thereby maximising their earning potential.  

    Existing facilities may be able to meet some demands but sports facilities operators may want to consider other flexible space options like room dividers and partitions for sports to maximise their space potential.  

    The easiest way to achieve ‘clear zones’ between two different sports at the same time is the use of room dividers.  

    Sports facilities use movable walls to separate both activities so players and spectators can have the best experience of the venue. A movable sports room divider placed across the courts will double as a scoreboard for teams.

    Sport facility dividers are more affordable and flexible than fixed wall options. 

    Room dividers for sports facilities are collapsible and can be easily ‘wheeled in and out’ to the courts.  Divider walls for sports facilities come in many shapes and sizes to cater for any type of adaptable space configuration. Room dividers with doors make excellent temporary dressing rooms for different sports teams while horizontal panels are good for crowd control.  

    • Diversify your business into other income streams

    Sports facilities have large roofed areas that are ideal to host events and functions.  

    Opening up the facility to individuals and businesses to hire the venue for events can create a new income stream for the operations.  

    A sporting venue can be easily turned into an exhibition hall, a polling centre, an indoor community market or a training space by using room dividers.  

    Sport facility operators use dividers to segment smaller areas to run multiple activities at a time. Room dividers and partitions for sports are excellent camouflage to discreetly cover equipment and excess furniture.  

    Solutions to transform sport facilities into multi-use venues

    Room Dividers Australia is a leading supplier of mobile room dividers and partitions for Sport & Recreation operators.  

    • Multi-purpose

    Our room dividers are flexible panels that will suit sports and non-sports activities.

    Dividers can be used as a ‘wall’ to separate two sporting teams in the venue at the same time or as mobile changing rooms for teams.

    They can also be used to camouflage equipment and furniture.  The panels also make effective crowd control boundaries.

    In other non-sporting events, room dividers are excellent as temporary walls for exhibitions, trainings, meetings, classrooms, and so forth.  

    • Convenience

    Our room dividers for sporting venues are easy to assemble.  They are collapsible and can be stored away against a wall or corridor.  

    All panels are fitted with castor wheels for convenient transportation from one location to the next.  

    Sporting venues are large and may cover a large floor and land area. The ability to be able to move dividers quickly to an area is essential.  

    • Durable

    Room Dividers range of sport walls dividers and partitions are made from tough material.  They are hardy and can withstand a substantial amount of wear and tear from robust sports participants.  

    • Privacy

    Our dividers have special sound absorbing properties that help the contained noise and minimise echoing.  

    Their height is also a great feature to block out any distraction and to optimise team performance and spectator experience.    

    • Configurable

    Our room dividers come in various heights and widths for any space configuration.  

    Flexible panels are ideal for creating an enclosed area for a meeting.

    Room divider panels are portable and can be used as movable walls to separate teams or control spectators.  

    • Affordable

    Room Dividers room and wall dividers for sports facilities are exceptionally affordable.  They are made to last and do not require any maintenance.



    Temporary walls.

    sports room dividers

    Vertical room dividers make ideal temporary walls in a large gymnasium.  Door dividers are fitted with castor wheels and can be easily moved from one location to another.    


    Easy storage.

    portable gym dividers

    Door dividers are easy to store.  Once collapsed they become compact structures that do not take up a lot of room.  


    Multi-use, multiple configurations.

    gym dividers walls

    This basketball court was used as a temporary classroom with movable room dividers.  

    Room dividers and partitions come in different sizes and shapes and can be configured into any space requirement.  


    Multiple configurations.

    room dividers sports

    Room dividers were used in this sports venue to create a small meeting space by the wall.   

    Room dividers block distraction and provide privacy.  They are high structures that function as ‘movable walls’. Their sound absorbing qualities help minimise noise.