Divide and conquer with our movable solutions for your restaurants and cafes.

It’s an exciting time for cafés, restaurants, and catering in Australia.  Thanks to all those celebrity chefs, reality cooking shows, TV food channels, food bloggers and foodies everywhere, food and beverage businesses are vogue.   

Australians’ love for food, dining, and entertainment are the reasons behind the spike in cafés and restaurants in recent years.  Along with these traditional offerings, a host of innovative business models have also cropped up – food trucks, pop-ups, artisanal stores, market stores, food deliveries, and many others.  

The industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and smaller operations looking for sustainability will have to come up with more creative strategies.

Partition walls are affordable but effective solutions to cafés, restaurants and catering businesses.  Used artfully and strategically, they enhance the diner’s experience, create flexible areas for new business, and improve efficiency.  

How cafés and restaurants innovate with dividers

Remember the time, when the principal used room dividers to transform the school gym into a giant meet-and-greet hub for parents?  

Some smart food and beverage businesses are using the same concept to up their game.

Catering to innovative ideas

Catering knows all about space optimisation. Room dividers are used by caterers all the time to create a boundary between eating spaces and other areas.  

Restaurant divider walls effectively convert ‘non-spaces’ like walkways and corridors, into an exclusive dining area.  The ‘walled effect’ created by room dividers simulate the walls of a restaurant. Guests feel good, eat well and network better.  

Movable restaurant partitions placed around a school canteen create an impression of a particular ‘inclusive’ zone.  Re-configuring these ‘fluid walls’, once in a while, changes the overall look of the place and will usually surprise the students. 

Portable room dividers are sturdy structures and are excellent temporary art display panels. If you run a drawing competition or a poetry contest and tack the students’ entries to the room divider, you will get crowds turning up to view.  

Personalising an open plan restaurant

An open plan restaurant looking to attract more customers could do with some temporary walls.  Restaurants can use room dividers to reconfigure their floor plan by creating new personal dining spots that can then be hired out to groups.    

Room dividers and partitions absorb sound giving your group bookings not just privacy but a quieter area to dine.

If your restaurant is a family restaurant, you could install room dividers to cater for special birthday celebrations and other events.  

Covering the flaws

Restaurant partitions are ideal for covering up physical flaws in your cafe or restaurant.  You can use them to hide an ugly stairwell, a toilet door or the storeroom. Again, if you take the trouble to jazz them up a bit, they could end up a feature, instead of just a cover-up.

On the subject of cover-ups, did you know that room dividers provide excellent cover if you intend to keep the restaurant open during repairs or minor improvements?  

Creating permanency

A movable wall cafe is probably something your popup never dreamed.  Flexible room partitions are easy to transport and simple to assemble.  They can turn the popup into a funky coffee experience.

If you load them into your coffee van on a sunny summer’s day, you could quickly turn a back alley or the beach into a coffee store with an attitude.   

Functioning dividers

Finally, if you are a convention centre, a hotel or clubhouse, you will appreciate the convenience of room partitions and dividers.    

Solutions to divide your spaces and conquer the market

Room Dividers Australia knows all about competitive markets.  That is why we are bringing to the cafes, restaurants and catering industry our movable solutions.

  • Customisable

Dining is an experience.  A simple addition of a ‘walled effect’ to a popup will create a brand new experience for your customers.

Our comprehensive range of room dividers come in all types of size, design and colour.  

We are the preferred supplier of room dividers for function centres, event management companies and catering business because of our impressive spectrum of configurations and style.

  • Portable

If you are a popup food business, you will appreciate the convenience of our lightweight system.  

Our portable systems come flat-packed for easy storage and travel.  Load it into your coffee van and take it with you.

A few quick steps and you will be serving hot coffees in your cool moveable wall café.

  • Multi-purpose

We use a wide variety of fabrics and materials to make our partitions.  Cloth fabric surfaces are ‘tackable’.

You can pin decorations, photographs or pictures on them. Our room dividers are strong structures that can hold picture frames, whiteboards and even televisions.

There are endless possibilities for you to decorate and animate them.

  • Low maintenance

Café and restaurant environments see more wear and tear than most other industries so your business will appreciate our low maintenance and easy-to-clean features.

  • Durable

Screenflex partitions and panels are made to last for a very long time. We continuously improve our technology and processes to produce dividers that are strong, stable and safe.  

  • Complementary

You will easily find a shade and tone that complements your existing interior design, or you could be adventurous and try a colour that is on the other end of the spectrum.

Just let us know your choice of colours and designs and we will help you meet your goal. 

  • Affordable

Room dividers are affordable solutions for cafés, restaurants and catering. Temporary cafe walls are better choice for cost and gives you flexibility.





Flexible vertical room dividers turned a corridor of a high-rise office tower into an exclusive dining experience with million dollar views.  

Dividers create a ‘walled effect’ like a restaurant’s, at the same time hiding backend food preparation activities.  



Bright-red dividers added colour and vivacity to an otherwise ordinary school canteen.  These movable systems change their shape and look if you reconfigure them differently. Use your imagination and turn them into temporary art installations.  



A family restaurant’s smart use of a simple, movable divider was just that little touch of service that patrons appreciated.   

Room dividers are easy-to-assemble systems.  They are fitted with castors to make transporting from one place to the next easy. Wheel them out when you need them.  It’s that easy!



Straight vertical room dividers are perfect for hiding back end food preparation processes in an open space.

They are flexible.  You will be able to configure them into any size or shape space.  



Movable room divider panels provide excellent camouflage for equipment and trolleys.  Room dividers have castor wheels and are easy to move from one location to the next. The panels discreetly hide backend food preparation activities from guests.  



Movable dividers and functions go hand-in-hand.  Lightweight and easy-to-assemble features make room dividers a must-have for event management companies, hotels and function centres.  



A café in an office block got creative with its space by using flexible room dividers to create two different types of café experiences. The setting in the foreground catered for the larger groups of office workers who dropped in for a quick lunch.  A smaller area sectioned behind it and located close to the settee was meant for those who have more time to linger.

Room dividers are versatile systems that you can customise to suit your space requirement.