Church partition walls add great flexibility to your religious facility. You can create a bible study area, worship place, meeting room for Sunday school and more within minutes. Not only that, this partition can be done by a single person with ease with room divider from Screenflex.

 In this modern world, churches and religious centres are not only used for worshipping, but also used as community hubs for general public. Other functions like community meetings, celebrations and weddings are also hosted at these religious hubs.

This means that, having strong yet very agile, temporary room dividers at these facilities can give great flexibility to the organisers and people who book these halls for events.

With proper sound proof, folding wall for church, multiple functions can be hosted simultaneously without compromising on privacy.

How Screenflex Partition Wall Helped Slavic Pentecostal Church Divide The Big Hall Into Smaller Classrooms


Slavic Pentecostal Church


Divide a large hall into smaller classrooms with minimum hassle.


This church is already serving a large community Salvic community, it needs to reinvent itself to accomodate the growing community. The church is also seeing the growth  in number of new teens, youths and children's ministry.

While the church is large enough to host large functions due to it's size, it is critical the need to break these big halls into smaller and more intimate spaces.

The management of this church were able to use the room dividers to achieve their goals with the help of two 1.8 meter acoustic partition walls


The multi connecter also help secure these two room dividers if they want to create one continuous straight wall. The fabric panels absorb sound in large spaces too.


When these church partition walls are not in use, they can be folded and stored in a corner of the room.