Modern office styling with office dividers and office partitions

There are two schools of thought in contemporary office design.  

Some companies prefer open plan designs with no office wall dividers.  Others prefer traditional walls or partitioned areas for better productivity.  

The common ground here is that office space utilisation is at maximum and companies are now having to consider new ways to create more spaces in their premises.  

While innovative concepts like ‘hot desk’ and ‘co-working’ have gained popularity, most businesses with a physical premise are still looking for alternatives to meet workspace demands.  

Office dividers and office partitions are flexible solutions if you need a temporary office, an instant meeting area, a particular hub or a new space.  

They are also good for small or crowded offices.

When office room dividers become important

The nature of the business plays a crucial role in deciding the type of office design.  Offices are workspaces that are meant to support its occupants to perform their jobs.

The interior design of the office must be able to stimulate creativity, promote collaboration, improve communication as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

The workspace must also be a place where workers can concentrate and focus on their tasks.   

Here are some examples of businesses that use office room dividers to create a workspace that can do all of the above.

Call centres require ample spaces to fit their staff.  In a call centre office, partition walls are used as boundaries for different teams.  These modern office partitions with sound-proof features make it easy for teams to engage in making or receiving calls.

Commercial businesses like real estate, stock brokers, commodity brokers, and insurance all use movable office partitions to create adaptable office spaces for their teams.  

Movable room dividers are useful when urgent spaces are required for multiple team meetings or training sessions.  

Event halls have one of the biggest applications for office wall dividers.  

Event halls use room partitioners to create spaces for exhibitions and functions.

A major exhibition with thousands of visitors will also install partition screens to create a pseudo entranceway to toilets or to section coffee and tea facilities.

Factories and workshops that do not require permanently fitted offices will usually install portable room dividers if they need a space to interview workers or to meet customers.

Small businesses and shops premises have limited space for an office. Partition screens are used creatively to produce a workstation, section off a pantry or discreetly cover a toilet door from customers and shoppers.

Large offices in modern premises also use portable office partitions when there is a sudden requirement for temporary reconfiguration of space.     

As a matter of fact, in an open-plan office, partition screens can be used to create temporary meeting rooms, work spaces and staff quiet zones.  

They are also ideal as discreet covers (to hide the toilet, pantry or office equipment).       

Styling solutions for temporary office space

Room Dividers Australia is the preferred supplier of office dividers to Australian businesses.  We help Australian corporates and other business grow their business by making them more productive and agile in a cost effective way by helping them better utlise their workspace.

  • No construction

The last thing a business facing space issues needs is disruptive construction and building activities.  

Luckily, Room Dividers’ comprehensive range of room divider systems come ready-to-use.

You will not require any special tools or equipment to assemble our office dividers.   All you need to do is open the package and use it.

  • Reusable

If your office operates on a dynamic concept where interior design is reimagined continuously, then a flexible temporary office partition may be better than drywall constructed walls because it gives you the creative freedom to design.  

Portable office dividers can be quickly moved from one space to another thereby allowing you to be as creative and imaginative as you like with the interior of your office.  

  • Multi-functional

Temporary office dividers are multi-functional.  They can be used to create new workstations, section specific areas, cover private spaces (pantry and toilets), create instant meeting places or hide equipment.

Office partitions with doors become instant offices for visiting supervisors or managers.  In the modern office, screens are also used as noticeboards and decorative partitions.

  • Durable, Stable and Safe
  • Our office dividers and partitions are made from durable material.  They are strong and stable and can support office equipment, whiteboards and so forth.  

    Portable partitions for offices today are made from tough polycarbonate (plastic) and other durable materials.  They last longer, require very little maintenance and are easy to clean and store away.

    • Privacy and quiet

    In a busy office environment, quiet and privacy are essential considerations to promote productivity.  Modern office dividers have sound absorption properties to block out the noise and provide total quiet for staff to work.  They are ideal solutions for creating instant spaces for staff meetings or training.

    • Multiple styling options

    These versatile, expandable systems come in different widths, lengths, and heights to suit any office configuration.  Flexible office dividers can be curved to create flow and aesthetic appeal or arranged in a straight line to create symmetry and balance.   



    Diverse workstations.

    office room dividers

    This employer used an office room divider to create an instant training hub in an open plan office.  

    Office dividers are not just limited to separating spaces.  They are multi-functional, practical solutions for many day-to-day office operations.   


    Instant offices.

    office partition wall

    The atrium of this government office was turned into multiple meeting rooms and offices.  Portable office dividers were arranged at right angles provided just the right amount of impression of a private meeting area.

    Screenflex office partitions and dividers are made from soundproof material that blocks up to 65% of noise.  They provide privacy for staff and visitors.


    Office privacy

    temporary office walls

    This corridor workstation achieved more privacy by using vertical room dividers as temporary walls.  

    temporary office walls

    Room dividers make excellent temporary walls.  Their height conceals a space from others providing maximum privacy and quiet for the worker.  



    office partition walls

    This smart salon used office partitions with doors to create an instant treatment room.  Chilli-red partitions complement the overall interior design theme of the salon.

    Office wall dividers come in many colours and sizes to match the interior design of your office or shop.  You will easily find a shade and tone for your business.


    Large-scale training.

    office partitions defence force

    The military used portable office dividers to turn a hall into training rooms for their personnel.

    room dividers or for army

    Office dividers are affordable solutions for urgent adaptable spaces.  They are ideal for situations when multiple space configurations are required for an event, function or meeting or defence force drills.  


    Meeting spaces.

    office screen divider

    In this example, portable office dividers were used to create a meeting room in an office canteen.

    Office dividers are easy to assemble.  They are fitted with leg coasters and can be quickly moved from one location to the next.  


    Training room.

    office room divider

    This training centre used flexible vertical partitions to create a pleasing division between two separate groups.

    Office dividers come as hinged-vertical panels.  The room dividers are extremely flexible and can be arranged in various shapes.  

    A straight row of panels will create a firm boundary and a streamlined look. The flexible panels can also be arranged box-shape or a semi-circle.