The versatility to create movable gallery walls.  The flexibility to install temporary exhibition walls

Art galleries and museums are cultural spaces that are designed to enhance our viewing experiences.  Finding the right flexible, movable space within their premises is a challenge for most galleries and museums.

portable art gallery walls

Art galleries and museums all over the world are constantly looking for innovative ways to ‘invent’ temporary exhibition and movable art gallery walls.   

Room Dividers Australia is proud to be part of the Australian art scene. We facilitate flexible exhibition solutions that synergise space, natural light and flow to produce maximum viewing pleasure.   

Smart solutions for that particular exhibition space

Art galleries and museums are immersive public spaces that host a wide range of events and functions. Whether it’s an international exhibit that will draw thousands or a small private collection for a select audience, they demand solutions that are customisable, easy-to-install and aesthetically appealing.

Room dividers are versatile ‘folding walls’ that function as both partitions as well as temporary art display panels.  They are ideal for art galleries and museums demands for adjustable and fluid interiors.

Room dividers are portable walls for exhibitions that separate an open space in the gallery or museum into smaller self-contained ‘rooms’ to provide maximum privacy without compromising light and flow.     

They are lightweight and movable.  Rolled into a space, they immediately transform it into a functioning area that can then be used to host a function, feature an exclusive collection or welcome guests.  Once locked in, these structures are solid, stable and safe. Their role is to create a sequence of spaces that flow naturally from one to the other.

Art galleries and museums use these ‘folding walls’ to section rooms and to create new, eye-catching temporary stands for their exhibits.  

As temporary exhibition walls

Room dividers create portable walls for exhibitions allowing the gallery or museum to host any size exhibition within their premises.  

Room dividers arranged with one or two pieces of a collection and positioned in the foyer act as a precursor of the viewing pleasures to follow.    

These versatile systems function on an economy of space.  They are not intended to crowd the floor space but to draw attention to the item they are exhibiting.  They are flexible and great exhibit ideas for small museums where space may be an issue.

Multiple uses

Dividers are excellent solutions as movable gallery walls in museums.  They are also extremely purposeful with multiple applications.

Dividers placed near the entrance function as mobile noticeboards to inform and direct visitors.  A divider beside a ticketing booth becomes a friendly barrier to check tickets and admit visitors.   

Dividers are also used to close areas and to control crowds.

Room Dividers Australia

Stylish functionality for galleries and museums

Our dynamic ‘sliding walls’ and ‘mobile panels’ are charting a new typology in the temporary exhibition walls and movable art gallery walls scene.   

Our smart elements

  • 38 colours and fabric options
  • Slimline designs
  • Customisable
  • Soundproof (.65 NRC – Noise Reduction Control)
  • Safe and durable
  • Light-weight
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Acoustic polycarbonate with improved water-proofing (also available)



Temporary wall exhibition.

movable art gallery walls

Movable art display panels used in a local library to showcase children’s artworks.  The panels placed alongside the reading area imbued the room with a sense of ‘quietness’ at the same time creating a sequence for the artwork displayed.

Room dividers add atmosphere and create mood in a room.  Decorating them with art and craft will brighten up the space.  


Exhibition partition walls

movable gallery walls

Six portable panels placed side-by-side to showcase a children’s art exhibition grabbed the attention of an online design magazine.

Portable panels come in different widths and lengths for multiple configurations.  They are ideal for showcasing an evolving art exhibition. Panels can be added as the collection grows.  


Movable art gallery walls.

temporary exhibition walls

A university’s library was given the red carpet treatment in this historical display of the Oscars.

Mobile wall dividers created a sequence of spaces to tell the stories of Hollywood’s most glamorous event.    

Room dividers are sturdy.  They make ideal ‘walls’ to hang paintings, photographs or handicraft.  


Exhibit ideas for small museums

exhibit ideas for small museums

A local community exhibition held in the tiny first-floor office of a decommissioned fire station used room partitions to create a temporary exhibition wall.  

Room partitions come in fabric or polycarbonate surfaces.  Fabric dividers like the one above are excellent for hanging photographs, images or pictures.   


Temporary art exhibition walls

temporary exhibition walls

A space in a school’s corridor was turned into an instant portable gallery by mobile partitions that have been installed with art.

Room dividers are excellent temporary structures to feature artworks.  They are fitted with leg coasters to allow for easy transportation from one area to the next.  


Creative ideas for small museums.

temporary exhibition walls mueseum

A local borough’s use of flexible art display panels to exhibit their history was a winner.  The accordion-shaped panels created a natural chronological flow of local history.

Art display panels streamline an exhibit.  They are ideal for art displays in confined spaces.


Pop-up art gallery

exhibition partition walls

A library cleverly turned its entrance into a pop-up gallery.  The mobile room dividers sectioned and controlled foot traffic flow into the library.  Art pieces hung on the dividers are instant draw-cards to stop traffic.

Mobile room dividers are multi-functional.  They close off areas, control and direct traffic flow and act as ‘wall hangers’ for art.