Adaptable space solutions to improve residents’ well-being

The interior design and layout of an aged care facility can affect the wellbeing of its residents. Elements like colour, lighting, furniture and fittings, flooring, and space utilisation contribute towards a pleasant, safe and inclusive environment for the elderly.

Aged care and nursing home providers are continually facing challenges to provide quality and safe living areas for their residents.  

Residents who live in these facilities are not transient.  The facility is their last residence. Providing a home-like and familiar world is crucial in ensuring residents’ well-being.  

Giving them enough activities to occupy their time and stimulate their minds is equally essential.

Unfortunately, renovation and construction are expensive and disruptive and do not suit all providers.  A better alternative is portable partitions for aged care and nursing homes.

Mobile room dividers and partitions can deliver efficient and quick solutions to space problems.  Flexibility is a critical element of room dividers.

Aged care homes are using temporary divider walls to build new and varied spaces which are then used to extend and improve living areas, support existing services or to offer new activities.

How Room Dividers Can Support Well-Being

The aged care home must be able to cater to residents with wide-ranging needs.  Residents have different levels of mobility and agility.

Their fragile bodies are susceptible to falls and injuries.  They also have different physical, emotional and social needs.   

Portable partitions are assisting aged care workers to cater to their residents’ needs by making it easier for them to manage space and control movement.  

  • Create new and varied spaces

Aged care facilities will benefit from having more area to run activities for their residents.  Portable privacy screens can be used to section a large room into two different activity hubs.

These mobile privacy screens give an impression of a ‘walled effect’ giving residents the peace of mind that they have a unique space to indulge in an activity they enjoy.  

  • Brighten or tone down an interior

Wall dividers for nursing homes come in various colours for a multitude of uses. Wall dividers with right colours will instantly brighten a dark room.   

The dividers can also be used to camouflage backend food preparation or to store away food carts and trolleys.  

  • Direct and control residents’ movement

Room dividers and partitions for aged care are excellent solutions for directing and controlling residents’ flow.  

Wall dividers arranged alongside a wall can act as a guide to help residents find orientation and navigate their way.  

These little measures promote confidence and independence which can have a positive impact on residents’ emotional well-being.

  • Camouflage objects

Aged care and nursing homes use mobile partitions to draw attention to or hide an object.  A ‘no entry’ notice tacked to a wall divider in front of a storeroom will deter residents from entering.   

Wheelchairs and beds in a corridor can be neatly hidden away by a set of wall dividers as they are flexible and adaptable. They are easy to configure and can camouflage a wide range of objects in the home.

  • Promote involvement

Portable partitions are used in nursing homes as mobile notice boards to promote activities.  They can be configured into a ‘room’ to run activities. They are strong structures that can support whiteboards, flat-screen televisions and other aids.

  • Support privacy and serenity

Some nursing home residents are sensitive to sound.  Most are concerned about their privacy, and all will appreciate some quiet moments.

Room dividers provide the best solution to create a ‘room’ where a resident or a group of residents sit and relax or participate in an activity.

Room Dividers Australia

Solutions to help promote well-being in aged care and nursing homes

Room Dividers Australia is a specialist provider or aged care room dividers and partitions. Our dividers are manufactured to the highest safety standards to help your facility create quality living spaces for your residents.

  • Durable and safe

Our aged care room dividers are constructed to be sturdy and stable.  Our dividers do not topple once they are assembled. You will have added peace of mind that they are safe for your residents.

  • Flexible

Room Dividers Australia supplies a comprehensive range of room and wall dividers that come in different lengths and width.  

You can customise the size and shape to suit your space requirement.  Room dividers are easy to reconfigure meaning you can use them multiple times for different purposes.

  • Complementary

We stock a wide range of colours and designs.  You will easily find a shade and tone that matches your existing interior design theme.  You can also choose different colours for camouflaging, wayfinding, rendering or contrasting.

  • Multi-function

Our room and wall dividers for aged care homes are versatile systems with multiple functions.

You can instantly simulate a cinema theatre by hanging a flat-screen television on one of our room dividers. Due to the acoustic nature of these partition walls, the sound absorption is very high maintaining privacy and better quality of sound for these movie watching residents.

 The room divider also makes an excellent mobile noticeboard and a temporary art display panel to showcase residents’ artworks.  

Our fabric options can be tacked and decorated as feature pieces in a special event.

  • Affordable

Room dividers are inexpensive.  They are easy to clean and require very little maintenance.



Activity Hubs.

aged care room dividers

This aged care facility used room dividers to convert a large dining room into individual activity hubs.  

Room dividers are fitted with castor wheels.  They are easy to move into a location to create an instant temporary space.  When not needed, the panels can be refolded and the system stored against a wall or in a corridor. 

An art gallery in an aged care home.

Setting up a few vertical room dividers and attaching artworks to it will turn the nursing home into a temporary art gallery for your residents.

temporary wall for art display

Vertical dividers are flexible and can be used for just creating a space or dividing up an area.  This acoustic wall partition can be incorporated into existing activities or use to support new activities to create variety for the residents.


New activities.

A celebration in a nursing home used room dividers as a backdrop for its decoration.

portable partitions with wheels

Room dividers are fitted with castor wheels and can be easily transported around the facility.  They are solid and sturdy structures that make a beautiful backdrop for decorations.