Practical classroom dividers and classroom partitions for the best learning experience

Education institutions require dynamic learning spaces to promote learning. Whether it’s an institution of higher learning, a school or a preschool, the physical environment of the institution is vital for teacher-student engagement.

All learning institutions require different space configurations for student learning and activities.  

Unfortunately, most institutions lack the funds to carry out major renovations to meet these needs.

Portable classroom partitions are popular solutions schools use to cope with increasing enrolments changing student behaviours and space constraints.

Learning institutions are turning to portable classroom dividers

School administrators are turning to classroom dividers as semi-permanent alternatives to manage space issues.  

Schools and other learning institutions are finding creative applications for room dividers:

  • Classroom wall dividers have become instant solutions for space constraints.  
  • They cheaper than renovation or construction
  • Classroom partitions are used to enact temporary classrooms when space is required urgently.
  • Mobile classroom dividers on wheels are used as noticeboards to post information.
  • Classroom dividers partitions are no longer confined to just the classroom.
  • Wall dividers are no longer just for the classroom. Dividers partitions have been applied to create ‘new spaces’ in gymnasiums, halls, offices, canteens, and corridors.
  • They are affordable investments that last.
  • Function as privacy partitions for classrooms and offices.
  • Portable classroom partitions are used to convert large under-utilised spaces (like gymnasiums, halls and corridors) into temporarily immersive hubs for student activities.  
  • Room dividers have become semi-permanent installations in classrooms.
  • Classroom partitions are helping schools reimagined learning areas.  
  • Room dividers are used to create instant meeting and training rooms in universities
  • Classroom wall partitions are used to create play areas in daycare centres and play school.
  • Privacy partitions for classroom to create new reading and browsing zones
  • Wall partitions are used as temporary art display stands in kindergartens.

Room Dividers Australia

Space solutions for schools

Room Dividers Australia is a leading supplier of classroom dividers for universities, colleges, schools, and preschools.  

Our room dividers and partitions are designed to cater to the unique needs of learning institutions.  To meet these needs, we focus our design and manufacture on six key elements.

  • Immediacy

When there is a spike in enrolment, and more students join the academic year, universities and schools have to find immediate solutions to temporary space issues.  

The best and most effective way to create extra spaces and new classrooms are using classroom room dividers. They transform a single large spaces  into smaller classroom in various configuration maintaining privacy.

  • Practicality

Schools do not function with a large maintenance team.  Universities may have a fully functional maintenance team, but staff are usually busy with day-to-day upkeep of the grounds and facilities.  

When temporary classrooms are needed, the team will want a partitioning system that can be unpacked quickly and installed immediately.  Our classroom dividers come in easy-to-store flat packs that are easy to assemble.

  • Functionality

Room Dividers Australia's partitioning systems are versatile classroom dividers that can be configured into multiple configurations to cater to any urgent demand.  

They are the go-to-solution for an instant classroom, a student hub, a private meeting space or a workstation without needing to assemble unlike other products.

Portable partitions in schools are multi-purpose.  They can be used as a mobile noticeboard, to post information or as a temporary panel for exhibiting students’ work.  They are stable structures that can support teaching aids like televisions, projectors, whiteboards, chalkboards and so forth.   Room dividers can also be used to close-off areas, control traffic flow or hide building flaws.

  • Low maintenance

Schools and preschools prefer low-maintenance options that do not put an extra burden on their resources or budget.  In a busy school environment with many students, it is even more essential to ensure that any temporary structures used can be easily cleaned.  Room Dividers partitions are made from durable fabric or polycarbonate. Dirt and stains can be wiped away with a cloth, warm water, and ordinary store-bought cleaning solutions.

  • Durability

Schools are vibrant environments with high human traffic and fast-paced activities.  They require reliable and durable room dividers and partitions.

Room Dividers built our partitions tough to withstand the robust wear and tear of a busy school environment.  Our classroom dividers follow the strictest Australian standards for OH&S and are stable and safe structures for the use in schools and education institutions.

  • Affordability

Room Dividers range of classroom dividers and partitioners are surprisingly affordable.  Unlike the cardboard partitions for schools used in the past, the modern classroom dividers are designed to last which means school administrators do not have to worry about short product lifespan or frequent damage.



classroom dividers

This preschool operator has the winning formula.  A large space was converted to different activity areas using vertical classroom partitions.

Classroom partitions are extremely flexible.  You can curve them or arranged them in straight angles.  They are ‘foldable’ to whatever function you have in mind.  


Temporary classrooms

classroom dividers

A school facing space constraints used classroom dividers to create temporary classrooms for students.

portable classroom dividers

Room dividers are brilliant to enact instant temporary classrooms.  They are easy to assemble and provide excellent privacy and sound absorption.  



Student Hub

classroom partitions

Flexi-shape classroom partitions were used to section an under-utilised space in the school to create this immersive student hub.  Placing low cabinets against the divider saved space and added to the overall flow.

classroom dividers partitions

Classroom dividers come in straight vertical panels with hinges and can be arranged in a straight line or at an angle.  They have different heights and widths and can be adapted to any space size you require.


Classroom Dividers

classroom wall dividers

This primary school used room dividers to create two smaller classrooms from a single larger classroom space. The height of the partitions gave an impression of an actual wall between the two makeshift classrooms.  Acoustic properties of the dividers absorbed sound and provided total privacy for both classes.