Creating that private and respectful space for your patients and clients

Medical facilities and pharmacies require special areas for patients, clients, and visitors.  

A busy medical centre receives many visitors and patients every day. A patient requiring treatment may have to remove articles of clothing or may not want to be gawked at by others.  

Ensuring they have privacy is an essential part of patient health and wellbeing.

Pharmacies today have diversified their business to provide a broader range of services to their customers.  Instead of just a dispensary, they now offer complementary services like flu vaccinations, blood pressure tests, cholesterol testing, weight management consultation and many more.  

Clients coming for any of these activities will want to have some privacy from the public.

In the confined space of a small clinic, room dividers are handy to provide privacy for patients.  Likewise, as pharmacies take on some of the tasks offered in a hospital, divider screens can become a useful space management solution.

The importance of privacy and respectful spaces

Some of the activities involved in patient care and treatment are private.  The ability to screen becomes essential. In most cases, this ability may be urgent and temporary.  That is why most medical facilities and pharmacies equipped themselves with medical privacy screens, room dividers, and other movable room divider systems.  

Medical privacy screens

A privacy screen (hospital folding screen) shields patients from others in a medical and health facility.  Privacy screens comprise of three or five panels that are hinged together.  

They are self-supporting and portable structures that can be folded and tucked into a small space when not in use.  When needed, they are quickly unfolded and propped up.

Medical privacy screens or folding screens are delicate and non-intrusive.  They give the impression of ‘inclusiveness’ at the same time, providing just enough shelter to protect decency and privacy.  

In a hospital environment, a patient may be frightened and stress.

These screens provide the perfect balance between assuring the patient (that he/she is visible if urgent attention is needed) and ensuring his/her privacy.  

In a treatment room, a hospital folding screen strategically placed, will block the view of curious onlookers.  A patient inside will feel assured if they know that their treatment is private. Nurses in a medical facility usually attend to more than one patient at a time.  Placing several of these medical folding screens will protect the privacy of each patient in the same room.

Screens are also useful as respectful places for patients to change before and after treatment.  

Medical room dividers

Medical room dividers (privacy curtains) are portable medical partitions that are used to create quasi-permanent areas in a chemists or medical facility.

Room dividers add aesthetic value to the interior décor of a facility.  They have multiple functionalities and can be customised for any medical space requirement.

Portable medical partitions section areas for specific activities.   For example, in a pharmacy or chemist, an enclosed area in the shop can be used as a flu vaccination or medical testing space.  

The same space can also be used to consult customers who may not want to describe their condition in front of others.

Medical room divider screens are accordion-like making folding and unfolding easy.  They are mounted on castor wheels and can be easily transported from one area to the next.

In a hospitalmedical office room dividers screen patients from the public to give them privacy.

One of the main benefits of using medical room dividers is that they are sound-absorbing, making them suitable for large areas like wards and laboratories.  

Large, open plan wards can be quickly turned into individual recovery pods by using medical room dividers.

The dividers absorb the surrounding noise allowing patients to rest and recover.

The dividers are not only functional, but they also add a design element to a large, open area.  In open plan facilities, hospital divider screens are often used to create office pods for staff.   

Portable Partitions For Chemists And Pharmacies

Caring solutions for pharmacies and medical facilities

Room Dividers Australia is a specialist provider of medical privacy screens and medical room dividers.

We pay special attention in our design, material, and production to deliver high quality and private screening for pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals.  

  • Privacy and peace of mind

The right type of material is crucial in creating the balance between assuring a patient that nurses and doctors can see him/her and ensuring his/her privacy.  

Our screens and dividers are made from high-quality fabric and vinyl materials to ensure total privacy and peace of mind.   Our dividers have a noise control rating of 0.65. Our screens can block more than 55% of noise.

  • Safety

The screens and dividers are inflammable with strong, stable construction to minimise the risk of toppling over.   

  • Mobile

Medical privacy screens are lightweight and easy to fold and unfold.  Medical room dividers are fitted with castor legs for easy transportation around the facility.  

  • Multiple configuration, design, and styles

We stock a wide range of sizes, styles, design and colour options to cater for every type of medical screening need.

  • Soundproof

One of the essential features of dividers and screens is their soundproof properties.  In a hospital environment, quietness is necessary for rest and recovery.



Medical room dividers.

medical privacy screens room dividers

This government medical facility used medical dividers to convert their training rooms into fully functioning clinics for military personnel in minutes.

clinic room dividers

Medical dividers are designed to provide optimum screening for patients.  They are used in operation theatres, treatment rooms and wards.

Medical privacy screens.

An open space in a hospital corridor was turned into a temporary ‘triage’ to treat patients one night.  

hospital folding screen

Soundproofed medical room dividers absorb surrounding noise to allow patients to rest and recover.  



Medical privacy dividers.

dental clinic room dividers

These medical dividers were used by a dental clinic to give comfort and privacy to their patients during consultation and treatment.  

Medical privacy dividers provide the best coverage for patient privacy.  They are temporary ‘rolling walls’ that can be easily shifted from one location to the next.  

Their sound-absorbing properties ensure patients receive maximum quietness during treatment and recovery.  


Medical privacy screens.

clinic room dividers

This hospital used privacy screens to provide privacy for patients in a general ward.  

The screens discreetly cover the patient from other patients. The privacy screens are fitted with castor wheels and can be immediately moved if the patient needed attention.  

The general ward environment gave the patient an added sense of security and a feeling that he/she was not isolated from others.

Privacy screens are designed to ensure patients have maximum privacy with the assurance that medical personnel can immediately attend to them if needed.