HealthFlex Medical Privacy Screen


Sprayed with antimicrobial coating, our HealthFlex room divider is a perfect solution for any healthcare related organisation that needs to create privacy on the go.

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Sprayed with antimicrobial coating, our HealthFlex room divider is a perfect solution for any healthcare related organisation that needs to create privacy on the go.

Room Dividers Australia’s Healthflex Medical Privacy Divider is the most progressive medical care room divider in the market.  

Healthflex has a .65 NRC (Noise Reduction Rating) and an E84 fire-safety rating making it one of the safest and most sound-absorbing medical privacy room dividers in the healthcare market.  

Healthflex is ideal as a medical room divider for hospitals, clinics, aged care facilities and all other healthcare setting.  Healthflex offers maximum sound absorption with an acoustic core and double-layer insulation. They are superior medical privacy dividers made of tackable fabric or vinyl in a variety of colours that can be matched to existing interior design themes.  

Portable medical dividers Healthflex is easy-to-move and simple-to-use.   When not in use, they fold into a flat pack for easy storage.

Improve patient experiences with Healthflex’s quality material and strong construction.

  • Easy-to-store and move
  • Multi-function
  • Durable construction
  • Tackable surface
  • Superior sound-absorbing properties
  • Stable frame
  • Top-and-bottom secure hinges
  • Self-levelling and manual castors
  • Streamlined look
  • Antimicrobial coating  
  • Fast delivery

    Multi-Unit Connector

    Customisable space and room configurations are now possible with Room Dividers Australia’s multi-connector room dividers. Panels are clicked in place by connectors located at the top. Connectors can be attached to a Room Divider Wall Frame for a more permanent room divider and space solution.


    A ¼-inch thick tempered melamine surface, 36” x 42” whiteboard. Can be easily hung on top of a Room Dividers divider panel. Adjustable straps to install the right height.


    24-inch wide door frame with 38 colours. Swing style and can be opened in any direction. Add optional window for more visibility.

    Wet Erase Panels

    Superior quality white, writable surfaces can be added for extra writing functions. Wipe clean with water and no ghosting effect after multiple uses.

    Storage Caddy

    Made from Durable Nylon with Velcro, the storage caddy can be attached to the end of any of Room Dividers room divider panels. Storage caddy has six pockets and two zippered compartments.


    Shatter-resistant and clear, transparent plexiglass windows, available in three sizes: 10" x 10", 20" x 24", and 20" x 48". Factory-installed. Restrictions may apply.

    Mural / Logo Printing

    Mural and logo printing can be printed on single or multiple room divider panels for personalisation. Available in all size dividers up to 8′-0′′ tall by 24′- 1′′ long.

    Artwork Hanger

    45-inch artwork hanger can be hooked onto top of room divider panels to display up to 8 pieces of artwork at once.

    Wall Frame

    Room Dividers Australia wall frames let you change our temporary walls into permanent structures. Panels are connected to the Wall Frame with multi-connectors.